Program Engineering                               ( Singapore)
Air Pollution is getting worse day by day.
HHO Technology can help to reverse this trend
by eliminating harmful exhaust emissions. by adding hho to the air intake of any combustion engine
affordable step you can take towards reversing the damage that vehicle exhaust gas emissions have already done to our planet.

The HHO gas, when fed into an internal combustion engine, enhances the combustion of your existing fuel.
The enhanced combustion means that you need MUCH less fuel to do the job.
copper wire connect directly to power plate, more efficient results
switch to 12vdc or 24vdc within seconds

tube in tube
fire arrestor
water levitate
up into inner
tube when
shut off

HHO Torch with integrated flashback fire arrestor

120 pieces 4" electrodes for 240 volts, active surface area =2160 sq. inches, efficiency 5.5mmw
web counter
web counter
PWM Constant current 12vdc, 24vdc, ac240v
obsoleted tube cell